Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tombstone Blues

I am so thankful Bob Dylan wrote a blues song for was so sweet of him.

On Friday, when I woke up, I was greeted by an overnight occurence. My basement flooded. It wasn't good. I called my brother in law, and we spent half of the day cleaning up a foot of water in the basement. I couldn't find the shop vac, so we were relegated to having a couple of carpet cleaners sipping up the water off of the basement floor. I am lucky that the basement isn 't finished, and the floor is concrete, otherwise there would have been thousands of dollars worth of damage to that basement. As it stands now, there wasn't a single casualty in this potentially catastrophic event.

I may be an eventual casualty of the event. Let's just say that the odor isn't the most splendorous. In fact its downright horrible. Still, after a couple of nights it is...more than pungent. I may die soon.

One of my first thoughts about the situation is that I should write a blues tune. Having cut my teeth on the blues, I figured I should pick up my guitar or harmonica or both and play. I did do that, but I didn't have an original tune come of it. Therefore, maybe the situation wasn't bluesy enough. Not enough pain. If I wake up screaming and puking from the bog of eternal stench, then yes, it might be bluesy enough.

Either way, I felt like it was bluesy enough at the time. Guaranteed, if it wasn't, We all have had experiences in life that truly were bluesy enough to write a song about. In the meantime I will keep enjoying Dylan's tune that shares my namesake...

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