Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Please Don't Leave Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Rolling Stone Magazine. I hate it because it has got to be some of the worst journalism and critical reviews of any magazine I read on a regular basis. I hate the magazine because there doesn't seem to be any true thought put into the articles.

Rolling Stone always gushes over new material from living legends. I couldn't tear my eyes away from some columns recently that were gushing over U2's new album, and a new live dvd from Pete Townshend and the Who.

Don't get me wrong, I am not indicating either way whether this new material is good or bad, but, I am not going to rave and gush about it just because the artists are living legends. It seems like only newer artists, or artists who aren't quite to living legend status yet recieve actual critiques.

Last year I read an article talking about how I should vote for Obama because the journalist had read Obama's autobiography. I don't mind someone giving me their opinion about politics...but if you are going to tell me to vote for someone, please give me a VALID reason to vote for someone. Talking about an issue or two might help, or be enough to sway me, but, unfortunately, some other guy reading Obama's autobiography isn't enough for me to buy into any politician.

These are just two reasons why I hate the magazine. I could give more examples, but I don't plan on typing that long tonight. These same examples are why I love the magazine. I can't tear my eyes away from it. It entertains me. The magazine thinks that pandering to the popsters, and hipsters will sell magazines. I don't think that way at all, in fact I wouldn't pay for it at all...but seeing as how I get to read it for free...I will be entertained and wonder where the world of journalism has gone too...

At the moment....Buddy Guy's heavy, heavy guitar line is flooding my ears. The track is so reminiscent of Jimi, and we all know that Buddy loved Jimi. As Buddy sings I can't help but think...what if some of my readers like Rolling Stone Magazine...My instant response to that is...if you do like that mag, and don't like me bashing it, well...Baby Please Don't Leave Me.

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  1. But man... you SHOULD'VE VOTED FOR HIM. I mean, come on... HOPE! And CHANGE! And a book! And he looks and sounds like a President! Kind of like Harding...