Monday, May 24, 2010


Turbulent weather has haunted Utah in the last month. Clear skies and warm weather hasn't plagued us enough. But one clear evening, about a week ago, I sat in the grass listening to an amazing talent. Her name? Kat Tingey.

Kat is one of those performers that reaches out from the stage and grabs you by your heart and mind, shocking your system until it overloads. She's probably able to do this because as she's said, "I write songs about emotions and feelings and stuff." It's more likely that her fantastic voice, and awesome songwriting are at the heart of her abilities.

I mention Kat because over the years I have been blessed to know numerous talented people. When I say talented, I mean people who could be celebrities if the Sun, Stars, Moon, and Planets align. When will the celestial bodies create the necessary fluctuations in time and space to bring success to many of the talents that I have known? How does one put themselves into a position to gain new fans? How does one put themselves in a position to gain more success than entertaining Mom and the ten friends who are willing to come see you play time and time again?

In life, sometimes people ask themselves the question "when?" When is it my turn for love? When will the weather get nice? When will he/she realize that I am here for them? When will he/she learn to respect themselves? When is it my turn for success?

My purpose in typing tonight hasn't been to answer any of the deeper questions in life. However, it has been my purpose to spotlight some talented friends that I've known throughout the ages. People like Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, Kim Anderson, Christy Anderson, Dave Smith, Chris Gillis, Sean Winnie, Steve Bradford, Kyle Monson, Brad Monson, Aaron Castillo, Chad Petersen, Laith Kayyali, Anuj Aurora, David Bosse, some writers whose names I won't mention here, myself, and of course Kat are some who are still waiting for their turn.

As some of you know every title to my blogs is the name of a song. I think Kat's song "When" encapsulates many of the emotions people have when asking that very question, because with many of us, the question remains--When? no matter what the subject is about.

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