Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The enormous yellow sun has burst from the clouds to provide vibrancy and life to the desert. Riding the radio waves, a voice breaks through the crackling and distorted channel to inform the populace that mid-week showers approach. The desert will once again be pelted by precipitation.

Nature can't decide what she wants.

There is no question that the People know what they want.

Far away, the black beast engulfs the shores. How long will the beast hold us captive?

We all face giants. Some have giant faces. Some live in giant places.

For me blogging is a giant. I find that people are fascinated by blogging...the myriad of possibilities that blogging introduces would take up mountains of virtual space. I've seen blogs introducing people to new businesses and industries. I've read about people's vacations and cake recipes. I've read about people who forgot to do the laundry. The consequence? Going commando to the gym!

Being relatively new to blogging, can I tell you what I've realized? I've realized this. I don't want to read blogs about the same banal, personal, mundane experiences people post about on Twitter and Facebook. "I'm eating a peanut butter sandwich as I sit on the throne!" Are you? Let me comment on your tweet.

"I don't effin care!"

Twitter did a study...don't quote me on the numbers, but they found that most of what people tweet is "totally mindless blabber." Thank you Facebook and Twitter for introducing me to someone else's "I'm in line at Target!"

I care more about your cake recipe, family vacation, or recent revelation about life than your mundane experiences that help me in no way whatsoever. The stuff that I like most is informative and well thought out. Having finished writing a book about ghosts and zombies, I've found blogs about agents and publishing most helpful. I find blogs about music helpful to my radio show. I find blogs about my friends life experiences refreshing. Except when they post about the menial details of their life. Yes, I do have better things to do than read the play by play of your day at work.

I guess it's good that I don't know how people go about gaining an audience for their blogs, otherwise some of those people who publish their minute by minute activity would be slaying me in the comments section of this blog.

Besides, if I knew how to gain an audience for this blog I would use it to expand into some huge money making venture. The extra dollars would make up for reading about your peanut butter and honey sandwich while you sat on the john. Or was it strawberry jelly? I could probably buy my own peanut butter and honey sandwich and post about it here, or on Facebook. Then I could claim my life is productive. No, really--it is.

Back to the giants in Nature. Oh god of the yellow sun, would you please shine in California this weekend? I would like the money I spent on race tickets to be well worth it.

How was that for a Facebook or Twitter post?

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